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Dear friends, Hello everyone, here I would like to share and introduce the meaning of our company's trademark name YuZhi.“Yu”represents the universe, “Zhi” represents the plant, YuZhi together means the plant of the universe in Chinese.

 Agarwood tree is a special tree species. It has sacred significance in many religions. Agarwood tree is a kind of plant that can be close to God. Agarwood tree is a strange tree species with mysterious power. Daily application of Oud oil can bring you enjoyment, relaxation, sacred and unforgettable feeling.

Yuzhi Oud is a leading manufacturer in the oud oil industry, delivering high quality 100% pure Oud Oil to perfumeries and the fragrance industry in over 50 countries. Yuzhi Oud produce 100 kilograms of pure oud oil every month, Quality and quantity are highly recognized by customers at home and abroad.

Yuzhi Oud also is leader in agarwood trees plantation management. Corporate , Social Responsibility and Sustainability always the main tenet.  We have about 500000 plantation agarwood trees in Hainan province and Guangdong province in South China. We cooperating with 50 local farmer families, we instruct them to plant about 300000 agarwood trees from April 2015, and eventually acquire their agarwood trees after ten to twenty years with various price. We also attach great importance to sustainability, Every time we cut a agarwood tree, we will plant two in situ. For the sake of our future generations, for the sake of our common earth, and for our positive contribution to society and the environment.

 We are looking for global partners. If you are interested in purchase oud oil or cooperation, please contact us.

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